Harness our technology to build and manage influential publisher networks, then maximise earnings.

Create, manage and grow extensive publisher networks using a host of tools designed to make implementing adverts from the M3 system simple, effective and profitable.

Earn Revenue

Publishers can be paid a revenue share, in real time, or on a fixed price, for clicks and impressions.

Organise Networks

Separate your traffic types and fine tune quality but creating and managing multiple networks. Organise them in the way that best suits your needs and the needs of your customers.

Create Adverts

Our code generator has been created to make creating and implementing advert calls as simple and flexible as possible. Use it to get up and running in no time.

Format Options

Request adverts using a combination of

  • Keyword
  • Category
  • Ad Type
  • Ad Format
  • Ad Size

Advert Filters

Demand a higher standard with our wide selection of ad filters. Apply these to your publisher accounts in order to more finely control advertiser activity - including content provided by ad exchanges.

Apply filters by




Custom Filters

Create custom filters to do exactly the job you need, if none of our standard configurations will get the job done.

For a comprehensive break down of all our features, and the full range of services we can provide,  email us today or book a consultation with a member of our solutions architect team.

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No Query Clipping

Unlike other platforms, we won't clip, or interfere with, your publisher queries

No Traffic Limits

We don't set minimum or maximum traffic limits on any of our platforms


We have implementation guides available to make getting live easy and fast

Minimum Prices

Set minimum click and impressions prices to ensure revenue levels

Custom Features

If you’re struggling to find the right features with other technology platforms and our current configurations can’t help, Mirago offers a complete custom feature development service.

Following an in-depth consultation with one of our Solutions Architects, we can fully implement the new features or configurations – in -house - from early concept to QA testing.

Enhanced Fraud Monitoring

All our platforms come with enhanced fraud monitoring solutions as standard. Capable of detecting and removing fraudulent clicks and impressions from either users or bots, enjoy peace of mind knowing that suspicious advert activity is taken care of in real time and not retrospectively.